Sweet pepper Sweet pepper

1- Sweet Pepper , Open Pollinated

Variety Maturity Plant Fruit shape Fruit size Fruit colour Fruit walls Resistance Remarks
California Wonder 300TMR 74 / 76 Tall,good canopy 3-4 lobed, blocky 11 X 10 cm Green to Red Thick wall TMV, PVY Widely adapted
Doux d'Espagne Mid-Early Vigourous, good cover ,about 100cm Cylindrical, 3-4 lobed 16x10 cm Green-Red Thick wall PVY for outdoor crops
Super Marconi Medium-Late Strong,erect growth habit Long, Cylindrical 18-24cm long,4-5cm wide Dark Green Medium thick TMV, PVY Give high yield in warm condition

TMV = Tabacco Mosaic Virus O, PVY = Potato Virus Y

2- Sweet Pepper , F1 Hybrids


T Plant is Vigorous and straight.the fruit size 20-22 cm long and 5-6 cm in Diameter , very unifrom Size . tolerant to TMV, PO1,2, PVYO-1. recommended or early cropping .

- LAMUYO Improved F1 Hybrid

Very nice fruit quality, Round shape, medium to dark stripes, average weight 12 kgs. Flesh colour is medium to deep red. Maturity within 86-90 Days , Tolerant to Anthracnose 1.

- MADRUGANA F1 Hybrid ( Crimson Sweet type )

Open plant habit and medium internods. Thick walls, smooth skin and darkgreen and at maturity, Fruit is Rather blocky fruit 14x8 cm long and very uniform. Brilliant and deep red coloured. Tolerant to Tobamo, PO, PVYO. Outstanding variety due to its high yield and good fruitsetting under cold circumstances.

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