Sweet Ananas Yellow Canaria Sweet Galiafi Yellow Canaria

1- Melon, Open Pollinated

Variety Maturity / Days Fruitshape Fruitweight Net and Rind Flesh colour Resistance Remarks
Sweet Ananas 95 Oblong 3 Kg Yellow -Orange ,fairly netted White,Orange tint to cavity PM1, PM2, F2, Aromatic fruit
Yellow Canaria PMR 105 Oval , Round ended 2.5 Kg Longitudinal, corrugated Pale Greeny-White, orange cavity lining PM1, PM2, F2, Sweet, execellent tasty

PM 1+2 = Powdery Mildew physio 1 and 2

F1 = Fusarium

F2 = Fusarium physio 2

2- Melon,F1 Hybrids

1- GIALO F1 Hybride /Yellow Canaria type

A vigourous plant which covers well the fruits,the fruit is Oval and smooth without ribs, average weight 2,5 kgs , crispy , ,sweet and excellent tasty , Good tolerance to F2, PM1 and PM2.

2- Galia F1 Hybride

Uniforme fruit, round and weigh approximately 1,4 kgs. The exterior is slightly netted, greenish-yellow when mature. This hybrid has an intense sweet aroma and green flesh that is very flavourful. First fruit are mature in about 80 days. A tight seed cavity allows Sweet Galia F1 to ship over medium distances. Highly recommended for fresh marke .

3- VERTO F1 Hybride /Sweet Ananas type

F1 hybrid Ananas cantaloupe with vigorous growth habit.Fruit is Oblong in shape weighing between 2 and 3 kilos. The rind is thick. Dark orange at maturity, with medium fine netting over the entire fruit. The flesh is creamy white with an orange lining to the seed cavity. maturity within 90 – 100 Days.good Tolerant to Powdery Mildew.

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