Madruganafi Crimson sweet Charleston grey Grey Bell Charleston grey

1- Watermelon, Open Pollinated

Variety Maturity / Days Fruitshape Fruitweight Rind Flesh colour Resistance Remarks
Charleston Gray 85 Large elongated 12 Kg Light green skin, dark green stripes Red ,firm flesh ANT, F1 , F2 good internal quality
Grey Bell 82 Round 10/12 Kg pale green with dark stripes Nice Red colour ANT, F1 , F2 very nice fruit quality
Crimson Sweet 84 Large elongated 11 Kg tough green rind , dark green stripes bright Red F1 , F2 Fruits hold extremely well

F 1 , F2 = Fusarium wilt

ANT= Anthracnose

2- Watermelon, F1 Hybrids

TOMBOLA F1 Hybrid ( Charleston Grey type )

The fruit is nice fruit shape and elongated , average size 10-12 kgs, Flesh colour is medium to dark red. Good Internal Quality , maturity withing 88-90 days ,very good tolerant to Anthracnose 1 ,F1

SUPER BOWL F1 Hybrid ( Crimson Sweet type )

Very nice fruit quality, Round shape, medium to dark stripes, average weight 12 kgs. Flesh colour is medium to deep red. Maturity within 86-90 Days , Tolerant to Anthracnose 1.

MADRUGANA F1 Hybrid ( Crimson Sweet type )

The Fruit is Blocky, oblong ,light green with dark stripes. Average fruit weight 12-14 kgs, deep red and sweet , maturity is Early to mid early, tolerant to Anthracnose 1 , F1. Fruits hold extremely well. Good shipper.

Greybelle F1 Hybride

Plant: Vigourous plant habit which gives a good fruit coverage. Fruit: Very nice round fruit with a deep red flesh, small cavity et high sugar content. The average fruitweigh is about 12 kgs.

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